Saturday, 19 August 2017


From 1959. UK girlie mag Funfare #16. Back when a glimpse of stocking
really was truly shocking. A true classic from better times.

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 5.

5: Angie and Ben.

Angie lay on her bed watching as I got dressed. It had gone ten and I was getting ready to head home and get some much-needed rest.

"What?" I smiled as I looked at her lying there with her chin resting in her hands.

"Oh, nothing," she replied happily, "It's not every day I can say I watched a man putting his clothes back on in my bedroom. Least not for a few years anyway."

I shrugged, feeling slightly self-conscious under her gaze. We had spent the past five hours together doing things to each other that came naturally with no inhibitions or hesitation. All because of our basic desire to have sex and explore the limits of our own personal fantasies. Having sex with Angie was more than just about us fucking. It had been about coming to terms with who we were and recognizing the reasons why we were that way.

Angie wanted more than just sex. She wanted to be challenged and stimulated which would then feed into her sexual nature and push her emotional reactions to new levels of desire. She wanted to know why certain things turned her on and other things didn't. Plain and simple. She was way more complex and thoughtful about these kinds of things than the other two women in our little group.

The sex that resulted from this was absolutely mind blowing.


Thursday, 17 August 2017


The infamous cling film scene from Baby Face 1977.

Laughed my ass off at this bit when the poor sod is trying to breathe as
she's having trouble ripping a hole in the film over his mouth. The
cock sucking that follows is a classic.

SEXPOTS: Penny Irving.

Mayfair 1976. The awesome Ms. Irving. 

Appeared as the secretary in BBC TV's "Are You Being Served?" and various UK softcore mags.

CLASSIC EROTIC TOONS: From Escort #35 1979

Always loved some of the artwork that accompanied the stories.

A page from softcore UK mag Escort #35 1979

CLASSIC EROTIC MAGS: Love in Action #43

Used to travel around Europe back in the day and remember this one.

Late 1970's or early 80's.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

EROTIC STORY: The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want part 4.

Tuesday. The day after the day before.

Autumn had settled in. Nature was preparing for hibernation and the landscape was cast in strewn shades of burnished copper. The air was crisp this morning as I walked along a gravel path that wound its way through the nearby woods. I stood for a moment and breathed deeply of its freshness as I thought back on the previous forty-eight hours that had changed my life beyond measure.

It felt like I had shed a second skin and had emerged into a whole new world. A world that was dominated by the three women who were now part of my life. Angie, Sharon, and Ruth had become much more than friends and neighbors to me now. That they had welcomed and trusted me into their circle was something I would never be able to thank them enough for.

To think I had recently been worried about finding someone special to be with. A girlfriend my own age who shared common interests. Someone to experience life with and all the hopes and dreams that came with it. I smiled at that. I was living those hopes and dreams right now. For the moment, everything was perfect.

Overhead, the forest canopy gently swayed in the breeze as I made my way to where I was going.


Sunday, 13 August 2017


Isn't this the one with the pussy and ass pov?

CLASSIC EROTIC ARTIST: Brian Forbes "The Gift"

Another classic from a great artist.

CLASSIC EROTIC TOONS: Peepin' Through the Keyhole 1932

A selection from 1932 adult comic strip "Peepin' Through the Keyhole"